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Certified Audit of Funds and IBs

All audits of commodity and forex firms are performed by Certified Public Accountants from the staff to the manager level. What sets us apart from other CPAs is our in-depth knowledge of the commodities and Alternative Fund industry and the regulatory responsibilities of the firms.

Members of our audit team are former NFA auditors who understand the intricacies involved in auditing commodity and Alternative Investment firms. Other auditing firms demand high fees because of the specialized nature of this industry. We now offer you an alternative, an alternative to deal with an auditing firm that devotes all of its resources and efforts into conducting audits of Commodity and Alternative Investment Pools and Introducing Brokers.

In conjunction with the annual certified audit, we can perform a full compliance examination, which is designed to mirror an NFA audit. After completion of the compliance audit, a former NFA auditor will report violations and recommendations noted during the audit, much like an actual NFA audit. It is like having NFA auditors working for you who have your best interest in mind. Such a service invaluable to all commodity firms who wish to conduct business without the anxiety of an upcoming regulatory audit by the NFA or the CFTC. We are very confident that you will be satisfied with our competent service and our audit fees will be a welcome surprise for many.