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Pool/Hedge & Alternative Fund Services

Pool Operators are required to adhere to the quarterly reporting requirements of the regulators in the preparation of their financial statements and related data.

Pool/Fund Accounting & Tax
  • Customized monthly financial statements.
  • Three-day completion time.
  • Calculation of management and incentive fees.
  • Performance record prepared for the pool and each advisor.
  • Year-end state and federal tax returns and K-1 forms for each participant.
  • Daily Net Asset Value calculation.
  • Consultation and tax planning.
  • Customized Investor Statements
Disclosure Documents/Prospectus
  • FAC's team works with you from beginning to end in setting up your fund.
  • Assist your attorney in preparing customized documents.
Registration & Formation
  • We assist with the online registration of the Firm and the personnel.
  • FAC's compliance team will personally meet with NFA's registration personnel to discuss and quickly resolve registration deficiencies.
  • Organizational consulting.
Compliance Services
  • Compliance examination in accordance with CFTC/NFA rules.
  • Review of all advertising material to insure compliance.
  • Preparation of compliance/procedures manuals including ISSP and Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • Client representation during NFA and CFTC investigations.
  • Assistance in handling customer complaints.
  • Compliance training for managers and brokers.

Futures Accounting & Compliance

2182-D Gladstone Court
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

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